… Perl’s Death by 1,000 Cuts

Just trying to log into to comment on David Mertens’ PDL features I’d like to see in Perl 6 was a huge pain in the ass.  Imagine how many would-be contributors have been turned off by what is described below.

  1. If you open a blog and click “Sign In” to comment, you get a login page WITHOUT the “wordpress” option… more on that later.
  2. The actual options on this page are
    1. Movable Type – Broken unless you reset password and then you still can’t post
    2. Open ID – what? go to their page and they tell you to use wordpress or Google… all non simple… can I just get a Login Please?
    3. LiveJournal – get a can’t call name on object reference blah blah blah error
    4. Vox – wast that a blog site at one time, where do you get a login?
    5. Google… error… not supported

Now if you click “Sign In” from the main page, you do see a WordPress login and you can login.  So if you commented to this post, congratulations on having a wordpress login where you logged in from the main page.

Don’t believe me look at the bug reports:

How long has as been bleeding the community?

Perl is obviously having trouble getting fresh blood… this is how our community dies drop by drop.